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why 要是引导定语从句的话先行词一定是reason 并且先行词在定于从句中作状语才能用why。这是英语固定的规则。没有道理可言

give an explanation of why there are so few women in top job 给了一个解释为什么有这么少的女性在高层工作

挺好,三处明显问题。 1.。 很长时间没有提起,原文为 “have never practiced ever since” 故应该修改成 “之后没有任何练习” 2 。最后,A little ...

爱,我知道是不需要解释的, 为什么人们不知道我的意思?

Kleitman has a new explanation. He has proved that everyone has a daily ...No one has discovered why this is so, but it leads to such familiar ...


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